Junbo Zhao (Jake).

Jake Zhao (Junbo) | 赵俊博

ZJU100-Young Assistant Professor
Computer Science Dept @ Zhejiang University | 浙江大学

A stealthy startup :)

The Turing-class Program @ Zhejiang University

Scientist / Entrepreneur at the core
Boxing / Outdoor / Cars / Cats / Whiskey in life

I am an assistant professor @ the computer science department at Zhejiang University, under the 100-young professor program (百人计划). For research, I currenly lead a lab -- the M3 lab -- @ ZJU and we are broadly working on many things (more can be found on the navigator bar). My, together with the team's, research record is mostly summarized by this Google Scholar page. Apologies that I am just too lazy to write the paper titles up here.

I'm also working on a startup and we keep ourselves stealthy at least by now :)

I write stuff casually in my leisure time on Zhihu. The content is likely to be about science, tech, entrepreneurship, secondary-market and (of course) boxing or cars.

A short and informal bio I received my PhD from New York University in 2019, that I was advised by the 2018 Turing Award Laureate Yann LeCun. I have published some highly-cited papers in the domains of unsupervised learning, autonumous driving and NLPs. I intended to dedicate myself to solving the un- and self-supervised learning during my PhD and that was (fortunately) the title of my PhD thesis. During my time in States, I spent two years (yes, a large chunk of my PhD, around 2016-2018) at Facebook AI Research. Before that (2015), I was a founding member of the autonumous driving team in NVIDIA and spent a happy half in the suburban area of New Jersey. In 2019, I came back to my motherland. I have had experiences in serial entrepreneurship in many domains and these stories are just too long for this bio. I am too obsessed for AI-related technologies deployed in real-world (beyond papers, demos and stuff) --- that my project experiences have covered fintech, E-commerce, factory automation, autunumous driving, digial assets and etc. --- augmenting this list is left to future work.

If you really need me to do something for you, try emailing me or befriend with me on Wechat (indexed by phone number), with a proper title to highlight your demand.

For prospective students who want to work with me: email me directly with your CV and transcripts. I'm happy to chat :)