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About Me

About Me

current position

Assistant Professor @ Computer Science Department, Zhejiang University
Co-Director @ Center of Frontier Research for AI, Institute of Computing Innovation, Zhejiang University
Director @ Turing Class Program, Zhejiang University
Entrepreneurship (stay undisclosed)

Past bio

Made in Beijing, China. Spent my first 18 wonderful years in there.

On receiving my PhD in Computer Science from New York University in 2019, I was lucky enough to be advised by the 2018 Turing Award Laureate Yann LeCun. During my 5 years at the Big Apple, I have published some highly-cited papers in the domains of LLMs, un- and semi-supervised learning, autonumous driving and others. Further, I had spent two years (yes, a large chunk of my PhD, around 2016-2018) at Facebook AI Research (Now Fundamental AI Research @ Meta), and a half-year in NVIDIA to found the new autonumous driving team in 2015 (yes, quite early, even before the time that most of the unicorn companies were founded).

In 2019, I came back to my motherland. I have had experiences in serial entrepreneurship in many domains and these stories are just too long for this bio. I am too obsessed for AI-related technologies deployed in real-world (beyond papers, demos and whatnot) --- that my project experiences have covered different kinds of foundation models, AIGC, high-tech industrialized design, fintech, E-commerce, factory automation, autunumous driving, digial assets and etc. Augmenting this list is left to future work.

more fun fact
By 04/2023, Our papers being cited according to Google Scholar
Landed Projects
Been actively landed projects across domains.
years of experience
This journey with computer science, AI.
Trophies do not have to mean jack any more.

large language models

Self-developed LLMs that are 60% to 70% of ChatGPT

Automated and Data-efficient Instruction Tuning platform


Self-developed 3D foundation model, plugged into CAD

Self-developed Stable Diffusion model

Low-code AI platform

A low-code platform producing AI models at hand, without the need for AI experts.

Minimal developing cost.

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