Timeline and News

  • Working on many things... stay posted.

  • 2022-10

    One paper @ EMNLP 2022.

  • 2022-10

    Two Awards @ MobileHCI 2022, by two group of amazing Turing class undergrads.

  • 2022-9

    One paper @ NeurIPS 2023.

  • 2022-7

    Our AI+X (on peptide search) paper accepted by Nature Biomedical Engineering (BME).

  • 2022-7

    First place @ IJCAI Noisy-earning Challenge

  • 2022-3

    PiCO paper -> ICLR 2022 Best Paper Honorable Mention

  • 2022-3

    One paper @ ICDE 2022 Industry track

    System work: DL2SQL full integration of deep learning models in databases.

  • 2022-2

    One paper @ ACL 2022 Findings

    SOTA performance of Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis, via Data-centric approaches.

  • 2022-1

    One paper @ ICLR 2022 ORAL

    Partial-label learning SOTA performances with the help by contrastive learning.

  • 2022-1

    One paper @ WWW 2022

    AI/RL for database research.

  • 2021/11

    Landed a full-stack data-driven tool to optimize for 3D-printing configurations

    by the ICI team
    Built a data-driven AI tool to search for the optimal configuration specs for industrial 3D printers.

    Key magics
    AutoFE, active learning

  • 2021-7

    Low-code AI platform landed for chemistry practitioners

    by the ICI team
    A low-code platform for quickly building models and deploy them, in the realm of chemistry folks: selecting/generating chemicals, SMILES form representation, productivity ratio enhancement

  • 2021-5

    One paper in IROS 2021


  • 2021-5

    One paper in ICML 2021

    by Mingfeng Ou and collaborators.
    Dataset joining, knowledge graph injected into a deep neural network

  • 2021-4

    Using AI, identified the record-breaking Antimicrobial Peptides

    by Yanchao Xu, the ICI team and collaborators.
    Within 13 days, at a success rate of >90%, we managed to identify severel strong hexa- and hepta-peptides, some of which are on-par with penicillin

    Key words
    Coarse-to-fine funneling system, gigantic space global-search